Monday, February 1, 2016

Body Performance Proof
Results Based 
Strength training and Nutrition for Women

32% Starting Body Fat
22% Current Body Fat
+ 4lbs of muscle
-15lb weight loss

‘’The first thing that comes to mind for me is that I feel proud of myself for making the changes I have.  I have never committed to my health like I have in the last year and I am honestly shocked at the results and impact the changes have had on me – both mentally and physically.’’     -Rhiannon 39

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Body Performance Strength Training program has been a dream in the making for 6 years. My vision was simple. To build a unique group of individuals that would stick around long enough to grow the same amount of passion and respect for their bodies and health that I had developed over my many years of weight training and nutritional education. I am so proud to say that 6 years later, we continue to build a fabulous community of women committed to Body Performance, their health, and each other. 

In the last year and half I have had the opportunity to expand our BP coaching family. It continues to be a privilege to work alongside Heidi Stahl and Lisa Pricher who are equally as passionate about their health and helping others find their fitness freedom!. Together we continue to guide women towards healthier body compositions, stronger bodies and more powerful minds! 

We truly have a team of fabulous and REAL women working together to bring YOU an open and honest fitness experience. 

For more information on our Women's Only Strength Training program check out


who are ready to commit to getting stronger, regaining control of their body 
and finding their sexy edge!!!

Meet your Coaches


How would you sum up in 1 or 2 sentences how fitness and nutrition positively impacts you and your family's lives?
Waking up each day and making a conscious decision to make healthy choices allows me feel energized and inspired to conquer each day. Learning to eat a nutritious and whole food diet has helped me keep my food allergies at bay and avoid terrible bloating and abdominal discomfort.

What is your biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle?
Maintaining BALANCE between work, personal health, and enjoying time with family and friends. Setting a bedtime for myself is my most current goal!

What is your favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings?
Taking my time to wake up without an alarm. Then enjoying a delicious homemade brunch!

What is your family's favorite meal that you cook? 
I have perfected risotto from scratch! It is always a treat for everyone who gets to enjoy it, including me!

What is your favorite blog, book, or magazine?
Blog- Precision Nutrition Book- The Kite Runner & The Eat Clean Diet Magazine- Cooking Light

What is your favorite outdoor activity? 
Long walks and more recently Paddle boarding (Thanks to Lisa)

One piece of advice for someone who is ready to gain control of their life and achieve their fitness goals?
Surround yourself with like-minded people. Connecting with others that are striving for the same goals will help you stay inspired, motivated and will share in small wins along the way!


How would you sum up in 1 or 2 sentences how fitness and nutrition positively impacts you and your family's lives?
As the shopper and the activity setter in my family, having healthy meals and snack options not only keeps us eating well, but it keeps up geared up for busy days. And being active has given us the chance to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying each other's company. As our schedule gets busier and our daughter gets older, these healthy habits have kept us together and feeling good.

What has been your most impactful "Ah ha" life moment?
Having a child. I realized then that my life's impact is far greater than my pant size. It is more important to be present in a healthy mind and body than it is to be a size 2. 

What is your biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle?
My husband's travel schedule. Being prepared and making small steps each day to be ready for the next day has helped calm the chaos. But not always!

What is your favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings?
Read a book and drink a cup of steaming hot coffee while I sit in my PJs on the screened porch... before anyone else in the house is awake.

What is your family's favorite meal that you cook?
Healthy meatloaf. It is filled with carrot and cauliflower puree, instead of egg and breadcrumbs, as filler. From Jessica Seinfeld's book Double Delicious. And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

What is your favorite blog, book, or magazine?
 Blog: Mark's Daily Apple; Book: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty; Magazine: Eating Well and Yoga Journal

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Everything! Paddle boarding and hiking are my top 2.

One piece of advice for someone who is ready to gain control of their life and achieve their fitness goals?

Ask yourself 'what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?' We often think there is only one way, one answer, one destination. In reality, there are so many ways, answers and destinations. Choose your path and you will not fail. Choose to let others make your decisions and the destination you will reach is someone else's. 


How would you sum up in 1 or 2 sentences how fitness and nutrition positively impacts you and your family's lives?
Fitness and good nutrition are two constants my family and I can count on in our busy and ever changing lives. We know the experience, the actual work involved and the benefits achieved from fitness and good nutrition. They both keep my family grounded and stable. 

What has been your most impactful "Ah ha" life moment? 
One of my "ah ha" moments came sadly when my mom's cancer had returned after months of clean, cancer free blood screenings. That day it hit me like a tons of bricks that I was the only one in charge of my health and wellbeing. What I eat, drink, and do is up to me. We must all act as our own advocate when it comes to our health, fitness and wellbeing. 

What is your biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle?
Having the time to always prepare healthy meals...this can be a challenge if I have not planned well. With two children going in two different directions every night. I have to bring my "A" game weekly to make sure we eat well. It can be hard.

What is your favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings?
I love sitting with my husband, drinking coffee, talking, catching up and planning our week. 

What is your family's favorite meal that you cook? 
Asian salmon from America's New Plate

What is your favorite blog, book, or magazine?
I love anything fitness, health, nutrition related. I look forward to Action in Nutrition to be delivered! I read it cover to cover.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? 
Running- fitness
Sitting by a fire on a cool evening- mentally

One piece of advice for someone who is ready to gain control of their life and achieve their fitness goals?
Schedule your workouts as meetings you CANNOT cancel or change. When you have "a meeting" people usually don't bug you to change it. If you tell them you are working out.....they try to persuade you to do it later or another day. It has worked for me for years

Thursday, December 12, 2013

-White Dress Ready-

I have decided there is no better client than a bride-to-be. These women are motivated by that one day that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Time and time again, I have been impressed with a brides ability to make drastic life changes in order to feel and look her best on her wedding day. In the past few years, what has proven to be even  more impressive, is that these drastic life changes have now become healthy life habits.  These brides have continued to practice balance through fitness and healthy eating and now continue to inspire others daily. The days of looking good on your wedding day have turned into FEELING good for the rest of your life! 

I have had the privilege of working with these girls over the years to help them achieve their fitness goals. They have proven to show me what it really means to follow through with a goal and not only look bangin in a wedding dress but make LASTING changes.  I hope they inspire you too!!

Angela worked hard to clean up her nutrition by eating more vegetables and less sugar. She focused on strength training to tone the muscles in her arms and back to look stunning her dress! Angela has proven she has made lifetime changes as she continues eat healthier and makes lifting and working out whether with me or on her a weekly priority!


 Emily has trained with me for a few years but really dialed it in for the months leading up to her wedding. After finding that her body responded better to limited gluten intake she was able to continue to make healthy nutritional choices which helped her achieve her beautiful body on her wedding day! Emily has continued to stay fit and fabulous by keeping a balance of strength training and other fun workouts in fitness regime!

 Liz committed to her white dress and for the year leading up to her wedding made sure she did what it took to look and feel her best. Liz focused on her strength training by attending 3 strength sessions a week with me and also found a balance with running and workouts on her own. She went the extra mile when she cleaned up her diet by eating lots of veggies, fish, and healthy fats!! Liz has continued to maintain her white dress physique by sticking to her healthy nutritional choices and a balanced fitness routine.

 Sarah was an easy one! A perfectionist and driven woman who was going to do what it took to look White Dress Ready! Through a very clean nutrition plan , 2-3 weekly strength training workouts and light running she strengthened and toned her hips and arms to look amazing in her honeymoon bikini! I am happy to share she also recently gave birth to her first son. She committed to strength training through her pregnancy and just reported to me she is already back in her pre-pregnancy clothes!

Ashley is a lifelong Fitness femme. She started out with big goals even before the wedding which only made the White Dress goal that much more attainable! I have watched Ashley dedicate herself to a healthy lifestyle and through years of training and healthy eating defeat her weight fears and achieve her best body! She not only looked stunning on her wedding day but has continued to maintain her wedding day body!

Jennie went above and beyond her dream dress physique when she took her goals into her own hands! It wasn't until Jennie made some big nutritional changes that she started to see her body change. Once she was close to the body of her dreams she decided to step it up and get back to strength training.  A year before her wedding she committed 3 days a week to building strength and muscle and with the help of myself and her workout partners she walked down the isle with a bangin bod! I am excited to say Jennie has stayed committed to her fitness and nutrition by continuing her strength training regime and healthy eating!

Carrie came in looking for a type of training that would help her tone and strengthen her arms and back. What she found and committed to was a fitness program that reshaped and toned her whole body. Already blessed with a tall and fit physique, Carrie was able to dedicate the months before her wedding to leaning out and toning her body. She walked down the aisle was a beautiful, athletic , muscular bod which she has decided to maintain to this day. Loving life and loving her fitness she continues to strength train and workout to keep her white dress frame fit and fabulous!!

Change doesn't happen when you feel like you "should' do it. Change happens when you WANT to do it! If you have a wave of inspiration or a big goal that is driving you, stand up and ride it. Oh, and make sure you are doing it for you and ONLY YOU!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is your Fitness Personality??

Whether it is becoming fit, doing fit or staying fit, having fitness as a part of your life, I'm going to guess, is something you feel expected, obligated, or driven to do and become. Over my years as a fitness professional, I have observed that the toughest part for people is deciding HOW to DO fit for their personality and lifestyle.

Each year the fitness industry lures us with the latest and greatest exercise trends and tools to trim our bodies into perfection. What they don't provide is the information necessary to help you decide whether or not these fitness trends will work for your body type and goals. At the end of the day, we are left with an overwhelming amount of exercise options each with enticing marketing slogans. So the question lies, How do you find what type of exercise best fits YOUR fitness personality??

Take the Fitness Personality Quiz to give you some insight into the fitness path that may best match you and your lifestyle!

1. Do you consider working out...
A. Social
B. A lot of work
C. A learning opportunity
D. Invigorating 

2. When do you prefer to workout?
A. Weekends
B. Lunch time quickie
C. Before or After work
D. All the time, anytime

3. When it comes to exercise you are...
A. Inspired by others
B. Relaxed and methodical
C. Focused 
D. Goal drivin

4. When I workout I like it to be..
A. Energetic
B. Peaceful 
C. Intense
D. Outside

5. What I like to get out of my workout is...
A. General fitness and an uplifting experience
B. Toning and flexibility
C. Muscular strength and definition
D. Cardiovascular fitness and accomplishment

6. After I exercise I like to feel..
A. Sweaty and invigorated
B. Mindful and mobile
C. Strong and empowered
D. Closer to my goal

7. If given an option between exercise and one of the following, you would rather...
A. Go dancing
B. Go to a coffee shop
C. Go to a concert
D. Go to the park with your pup

8. Which Star has your ideal bod?
A. Jessica Alba
B. Jennifer Aniston
C. Jillian Micheals
D. Jennifer Lawrence

The following are suggested types of exercise that may fit your style and personality. Please note that these are just suggestions and you should not limit yourself to only one form of exercise. The best way to live a healthy and fit life is to practice balance and moderation in all of your daily choices! This includes exercise, sleep, diet, work and relationships!!
If you picked mostly A's your Fitness Personality is:
The Free Spirit-  Zumba, Group fitness classes, TRX, Spinning

 You can find classes such as these at large membership based gyms, but also look into smaller more intimate studios for a more personal touch with smaller class sizes. Whenever starting a class make sure the instructor is a certified instructor in the classes being taught. The fitness class logo ( EX. Zumba) should be present on the website, schedule, or business cards.

If you picked mostly B's your Fitness Personality is:
The Sparkler- Pilates, Yoga, Barre Concepts, one on one personal training
You can find classes such as these at large membership based gyms but, also look for studios that specialize in yoga, Pilates, or Barre classes. Speciality studios will ensure that you get hands on attention and you are taught correct form and technique.
If you picked mostly C's your Fitness Personality is:
The Lady Gladiator - Weight training, small group personal training,  Bootcamps, Boxing, 
To become a lady gladiator you have to find a lady gladiator mentor so look for a certified fitness professional to help give you proper instruction on form and technique as well as build a training plan. Look for more affordable ways to work with a trainer by joining a small group or attending a bootcamp or boxing style classes.

If you picked mostly D's your Fitness Personality is:
The Medalist - Triathlete, Crossfit, Marathoner, Cyclist, Obstacle course racing
If you choose to take on this challenge alone beware of misguiding information on the net. Luckily, the growing interest in multisport racing and marathons, has made finding coaches who specialize in these events easier to find. Consult with a coach or join a racing team, and if that doesn't fit your budget make sure you choose a credible site to obtain training plans and tips .

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Dumbbell Didn't Do It!

As women, we love our cardio, fitness classes, and yoga but did you ever think that just maybe all those forms of exercise just aren’t enough, or even worse, TOO much?!  Would you believe me if I told you that most women workout WAY too hard in hopes to get the body they want, but in reality all those hours on the DREADmill are working completely against you!
I don’t have enough time or space on this blog to get into how big of a role diet plays into developing the body of your dreams. So what I will focus on is how a balance of cardiovascular interval training, learning how to lift the right amount of weight, and the importance of days OFF will help create an efficient fat burning machine without adding man muscle to our cute feminine frames.

The  Myths -

Over the years, we have completely misconstrued the notion that those lumps of iron would make us “bulk up” and that hours of cardio was the only way to shed extra pounds.  The harsh reality is that these misconceptions are the reasons women feel defeated.
Our poor dietary choices, excess cardio and/or workouts, and lack of recovery in between workouts can lead to high stress hormone levels and/ or not enough nutritious calories. Combined, these create the perfect storm for plateaus and stored fat aka “bulk”.

The Truths-

The most important thing to understand is that our female bodies are not designed to build huge amounts of muscle mass.  Our hormones do not provide us with enough testosterone to build those crazy big muscles guys dream of.

If you’ve already started weight training and feel like you’re bulking up this may be what you are feeling: When you start lifting heavy enough weights to build muscle, the muscle develops under your fat. So over time, if you build muscle but don’t decrease your body fat you’ll feel like you’re getting bigger. What you’re missing is that those beautifully “toned” muscles are hiding under that ugly” bulky” fat. Those amazing muscles are your key to creating a better metabolic engine to burn off that unwanted fat!

Moral of the story, don’t blame it on the dumbbells but understand the importance of BALANCE.  A fitness routine should not just be hitting the elliptical everyday for an hour, but should have even days of weight training, interval cardio and rest.  If you challenge your body with new weight training exercises and honor its need to recover then you will start to feel and SEE yourself leaning out and letting your lovely toned muscles shine through!

Let your Beautiful Strength Shine on!!

Try this Upper Body Workout this week!!